Sinking into the awareness



“Walk fearlessly down your dimly-lit path.

Respond carefully and watch the environmental forces vibrate around you.

Every second passing is a new gift of a vibration from Gaia, responding to every preceding influence.

Your very thoughts hold an extremely powerful set of vibrations, as they light the way for words to become speech, speech into beliefs, beliefs into mindsets, and mindset into fixed habits with consequences.

So sink back into the full awareness of your thoughts by lowering their volume to a simmering bubble. Ask the thoughts to whisper low enough for the vibrations of your breath to be heard.

Hear the joy of gratitude reverberate as you breathe in a smile.

Smile for your family.

Smile for hot tea.

Smile for clean laundry.

Smile for pink sunrises, purple sunsets, and sunny days of blue.

Let that smile guide you towards your next breath, your next footstep, your every leap into trust’s grace.”




“Become the meditative awareness.

Sing the flow of Gaia through your actions.

Speak the lessons of our ancestors.

Walk with the rhythm of Gaia, hear her drumbeat coursing through your pulse.

Taste the joy of your own essence, exuding from your every limb of authentic expression.

Drink the fountain of your own consequences, spilling your abundance of honesty, integrity, and immortality all over your verbs.

Carefully admire the fruits of your journey, make sure to see all of the sprouted seeds of your karma at your feet.”




“The anxiety breathes into confidence;

Confidence wipes its brow with trust.

Trust holds hands with awareness, who cradles self-love.

Self-love coos at the warmth of Gaia’s songs and Earth’s gentle drum.

Earth sways to the rhythm of the stars, as the stars sing their own jazz.

Starts collide into one another, infinitely exploding for the universe’s firework display.

Love fueling the fires of life, infinitely, and with gratitude.”

Cole’s Prayer

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 9.16.28 PM

“May every move we make and every breath we take enrich all divine perception, creation, and love.

May every body, mind, and soul, be enriched immensely.

May every being experience feelings of safety, faith, grace, ease, bliss, joy, and wonder.

May there be sovereign communities with infinite diversity that co-create harmoniously.

May all beings feel the enrichment of focus, clarity, concentration, and meditation.

May there be compassionate communication of positive, present, personal, and precise language.

May all beings experience the enrichment of praise, gratitude, the arms of love, self-reliance, poise, learning from failure, graciousness of time, generosity, and reverence.

May all beings feel the wonder of infinite magic including their wildest dreams filled with humor, joy, and enthusiasm.

May we move deeper and deeper into the Golden Age of Miracles.

For the benefit of all.”

-Cole Kastner

Fall 2017


“In a true state of grace, there is no longer a sense of time or space.

Suspended and weightless, you are held by the same invisible forces that cradle the stars and planets.

You realize your breath is indeed the heartbeat of the divine as it echoes through the galaxies and beyond.

And in that one extraordinary moment of stillness, every moment of your life is retold in an instant and all you know for sure is that life is but a dream, and living grace is all that is real.”


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